Animals in the zoo

Animals in the zoo

Number of animal species/breeds in Knie’s Kinderzoo: 41

Numer of animals: 390


Endangered species: Asian elephants, Rothschild giraffes


Oldest animal: Asian elephant 'Delhi' (*1968)

Youngest animal: meercat, *end of April 2020

Tallest animal: Rothschild giraffe, 4 - 6 metres

Smallest animal: Eurasian harvest mouse

Heaviest animal: Asian elephant 'Thisiam', 6800 kg

Lightest animal: Eurasian harvest mouse, about 5 -7 grams




We give away guinea pigs, bunnies and African dwarf goats to caring homes in mid-October. Please contact the office if you are interested. We would be happy to take your contact information on 055 220 67 60. Thank you!

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Animal sponsorship

Knie’s Kinderzoo has been one of Switzerland's most popular family holiday destinations for over five decades. We are constantly developing sophisticated new concepts and features for our zoo, as well as building new facilities reflecting the latest advances in zoo animal care. The habitats in our zoo provide environments perfectly suited to the needs of over 400 individual animals.
By popular request, you can now build an even closer relationship with the animals at Knie’s Kinderzoo with our animal sponsorships.

About animal sponsorships

Animal sponsorship