Timeline – history – development

Whitsuntide, 10 June, the brothers Fredy and Rolf Knie, senior (fifth generation) open Knie’s Kinderzoo. The architect is Wolfgang Behles.

15 February, first birth of an Asian elephant in Switzerland.

19 June, arrival of the dolphins Sindbad and Skipper. These are the first trained dolphins from Florida ever to be shown in an inland European country.
4 August, birth of the second "Knie elephant," the female elephant Madura.

On 25 July, the first permanent dolphinarium featuring an 800,000-litre pool opens at Knie’s Kinderzoo.

The dolphinarium is furnished with a roof.

30 July, the first birth of a dolphin in an inland country. The mother is Mitzi. The baby dolphin is named Rappi by young dolphin fans in Switzerland.


Record year in the history of Knie’s Kinderzoo. The number of visitors totals 399,331.

24 May, a third elephant is born at Knie Children's Zoo. Lohimi remains in the children's zoo for three years before going on a first tour around Switzerland in 1988.

Timeline of the history of Knie’s Kinderzoo  (PDF)

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